winter camping hacks

3 Keys To Successfully Avoid Winter Camping

Camping is an activity that offers incredible experiences and a lot of well-being. However, some climates can be extreme and affect us greatly. That is why today we want to tell you about some keys

Camping is an activity that offers incredible experiences and a lot of well-being. However, some climates can be extreme and affect us greatly. That is why today we want to tell you about some keys not to go winter camping and do not take a bad experience or a cold to your home.

3 winter camping hacks you must point

winter camping hacks

1. Appropriate clothing

The clothing is the key to not be cold camping, even if you do not have a tent or a tent suitable for this type of weather, the clothes you wear will protect you very much. The first thing you should have extra clothes like socks. Do not forget accessories such as scarves, hats and gloves that protect the most open areas.

Before going to camping, choose the clothes you are going to wear very well. Remember that in cold climates it is necessary to have clothing made of synthetic and waterproof material so that the moisture does not have contact with the skin.

In case your clothes get wet due to rain or snow, never go to sleep with wet clothes, even your hair, this can increase the sensation of cold and it will be impossible to fall asleep. In addition your body will be get wet finally that cause you a cold.

Of course it is necessary to wear a coat and thermal blankets that help you recover the temperature. You can also have several layers of clothes and feeling extreme heat you can gradually remove them, so that your body assimilates the temperature outside.

2. Bed preparation

You definitely should not sleep directly on the ground, you should use a thermal insulator to not absorb moisture from the soil. You can use a mat, inflatable or foam mats. Even you can use cardboard under the tent or place grass, this will help you soften the space a little at bedtime. Seek to close all places where the wind can sneak into the tent. But above all, the most important thing is to get a good sleeping bag.

3. Food and drinks

Food is very important to keep warm and of course energy. For cold weather it is not recommended to drink cold isotonic drinks, preferably to drink hot drinks, if it is water, that it is not so cold and avoid liquids before going to sleep. It can be helpful to drink chocolate, coffee and tea to improve the temperature.

Hot soups are very comforting before bedtime. It is necessary to eat foods that provide us with enough calories such as nuts, dark chocolate or energy bars. These will help keep the body at the right temperature to withstand low temperatures and prevent dehydration.

Other tips to avoid cold camping

  • Add clothes inside the bag with which you are going to sleep.
  • Rub your feet and hands with heat sports creams before dressing.
  • Heat water and distribute it in a couple of bottles of water that you can put into the bag before sleeping so that it acts as a heater for a few hours.
  • Use a tent with an insulating layer for wind and snow and cover the air inlets, in this way the air inside will remain warm.
  • Use a good quality sleeping, which allows you to rest better and of course isolate the cold from your body. We recommend those of goose feathers with breathable outer material. When you get up you should turn it over and dry it, it can be on top of the tent, so you will not prevent the soil moisture from staying and bothering you when sleeping. You can also cover yourself with the sleeping near the campfire do before going to sleep, by taking the necessary precautions not to get too close to the fire, since its material is flammable.
  • In the morning we recommend leaving the store open so that there is enough ventilation and the soil moisture dries. In the late afternoon you can close the tent, so that the sun’s rays can warm the interior a bit and it stays until you go to sleep.

Regardless of your destination, it is better to be prepared. So that the weather does not get in the way of your adventure.

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