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Types of Wood For Furniture: Which Wood Is Better?

There are numerous types of wood for furniture available in the market. That is why when we think about acquiring a new furniture for the home, doubts always assail us; What types of wood for

There are numerous types of wood for furniture available in the market. That is why when we think about acquiring a new furniture for the home, doubts always assail us; What types of wood for furniture are the most common? Which wood is better for furniture? Which one should I choose? If you chose that wood is the best option for decorating your home, then you have chosen one of the best and toughest furniture materials. But first you must know about it, its varieties.

Wood is the main material used in carpentry. In the carpentry there is a wide variety of furniture for all types of spaces and needs. It is used both in construction and in the decoration of the different spaces where the human being lives.

How to list the different types of wood for furniture

Wood is one of the oldest building materials in history and even today it is used for countless structures. Its ability to be molded to pleasure and its resistant nature make it an indispensable option in the world of furniture.

While it is true that it is possible to find wooden furniture of many types, such as solid wood, agglomerates, laminates, etc. In this article we are going to focus on the types of wood for furniture. The most common way to catalog the types of wood is to group them by hardness and consistency, In this way, we could divide them into two simple groups; hardwoods and softwoods.

In general, the choice will depend on the use to which we assign the furniture in question. If we require a piece of furniture that has to withstand inclement weather, it will be advisable to choose a hardwood, or at least with good resistance. On the contrary, if we do not require prolonged longevity or resistance, we can opt for softer, cheaper and weaker woods.

Wood types: Hardwoods

Hardwoods, which are those that come from trees that have flowers and fruits. These trees have leaves that fall very slowly. For this reason, these trees are quite dense (Hardwoods have a higher density, around 850 kg / m3), that is, their wood is totally hard and resistant, and therefore has greater durability. The pieces of these trees are integral, natural pieces, and for this reason their price is high. As a general rule they are darker and ocher, and are more difficult to mold. In addition, they are more resistant to moisture and sunlight than softwoods.


When we refer to mahogany, we mean a high quality wood that is dark red and intense. Mahogany wood is quite expensive, since it requires care to maintain it; It must be protected from moisture and sun. The furniture made with this wood is very elegant, and will be very beautiful in your home. This tropical wood is one of the most resistant. In fact, it has a natural resistance to woodworm and other parasites.

It is relatively easy to mold and has a classy and distinguished finish. The furniture manufactured by this wood is usually of great quality. In addition, it is usual to see it on doors, parquet, roller feet and other decorative elements, so it is easy to combine.

This type of wood is quite select, making its price somewhat high and unavailable. Its main disadvantage is perhaps its sensitivity to sunlight, from which we must protect it.


Oak is one of the toughest and toughest woods, as well as difficult to work. . Its color is brown, like yellow, however it has other colors of that same range, it supports a multitude of different finishes. . You can find rustic, traditional, minimalist furniture, anyway. It is the most used wood. They will last for many years, it hardly requires maintenance due to its resistance

Without a doubt, its main advantage is its resistance, so it hardly requires maintenance.


Teak is a wood that is very resistant to impacts and scratches. It also supports moisture in an exemplary manner. That is why we can find it in furniture and various structures of the home, both indoors and outdoors.


Its main feature is its wavy veining and its dark brown hue. It is common to find it in decorative elements of salons and luxury studios, so it is easy to combine.

Its main disadvantage may be its tendency to be attacked by woodworm, so it requires somewhat specific maintenance.


Beech is a wood of clear and soft hue. It has a great resistance, similar to that of oak. That is why today we can find many furniture made with this fantastic wood.

Cherry tree

With a pinkish hue, it tends to adopt more reddish and ocher tones over time, similar to mahogany but less intense. It is very common to find furniture made with this type of wood.

It is very easy to clean and maintain, but like other similar woods, it is somewhat sensitive to sunlight and woodworm.


Ebony is one of the most peculiar woods that exist. Its dark, almost black hue, gives it an elegance and unique colors. Its density and hardness are very high, which together with its beauty, makes it a very valuable and little accessible material. It is usually reserved for luxury furniture and decorations.

Wood types: Softwoods

Softwoods have a density close to 500 kg /m3 and require less growth than hardwoods. This is why they have lighter shades than hard ones, and are more flexible and easy to work with. In general, they are cheaper than hardwoods, and provide greater thermal insulation than these. In addition, they are significantly cheaper, which translates into about 85% of total wood furniture production.

Pine tree

Without a doubt, one of the most common types of wood in the market. So much so that the term “pine” is used for many types of soft wood with a light hue like that of pine. Its fine and uniform texture, together with the ease with which it can be molded and its low price, makes it the most used. In addition, it is very versatile, so we can find it in almost any finish and color.

Softwoods are those that come from trees that have bare seeds. These trees are fast growing. They are lighter, but this does not mean that it is less resistant, there are also some that are more resistant than the others. The best reason to work furniture with it, is that they are quite ductile, that jobs are better done with them. It is common to find it in youth bedrooms, and other rooms where the furniture does not require a long service life.


The chestnut is a strong and strong wood. Of dark tones similar to those of oak, it darkens with time. It is often used in kitchen furniture and environments exposed to some wear. We can find it in furniture of all kinds.


One of the hardest and densest softwoods. Its main feature is that it is an aromatic wood used to repel insects such as moths. This is why we can find it indoors in closets, drawers and dressers.


Wood with greenish yellow hue with brownish streaks. Despite its lightness and apparent fragility, it is quite resistant to bumps and scratches. However, it is quite sensitive to moisture and woodworm.


Of clear hue with yellow or even reddish nuances. Birch wood is not very resistant, but it is common to find it as cladding or details in the furniture.

Best wood for furniture

After seeing a catalog like the one we have done, it could be natural to determine that the harder, the higher the quality. However, when we need to shopping our furniture we will have to reflect further. That is why the best option is to determine what type of wood will meet our needs. There will be those who look for a longer period, greater resistance, or cheaper materials.

Apart from the different types of wood, our recommendation is that the finishing have quality by our own choice. We hope you found our article useful. We wait for your valuable comments & share!

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