Types of Glassware and Their Uses

The Right Type of Glassware Used In Bar’s, Restaurants & Coffee Shops

When it comes to winning / drinking your favorite beer brand, the type of glass matters a lot. The worry is even more acute when you are on your first date. Simply put, nobody wants

When it comes to winning / drinking your favorite beer brand, the type of glass matters a lot. The worry is even more acute when you are on your first date. Simply put, nobody wants to serve their expensive wine for a classy fiancé in a boring glass.

Even if you order an affordable drink, you still want to get the best types of drinking glasses. That’s the way to do it to get a beautiful decent glass. With this concern we have researched and presented to you several types of liquor glasses available in the market today.

How to identify an ideal liquor glass?

Well, people have different factors that they consider when selecting types of bartending glasses. However, the general concern of a typical beer and wine lover consider with temperature and smell.

As for the temperature, people want to drink from a glass that does not change the temperature in a matter of seconds. This means that the size of the opening of the mouth of the glass should be narrow and wide enough to maintain the freshness of the drink.

As for the “smell”, people do not want drinks that will easily lose all the sweet smell of their drink for the surroundings. Instead, they want a glass that can retain the fantastic smell until the last sip. I need a perfect word to explain the importance of smell in the world of drinking.

Meanwhile, based on the two concerns (i.e. temperature and smell) it is clear that the size of the surface of the cup’s mouth matters a lot while the perfect cup is selected. The idea is simple: the wider the opening of the glass, the faster it loses its smell and adjusts to room temperature.

But that does not mean that glasses with large openings are always inferior: wider mouth surfaces allow you to feel every trace of smell in your drink while taking a sip. In short, just read the following list and make a good choice.

Types of bar glassware and their uses

types of cocktail glasses

Glass of wine

There are 3 different types of glasses for red, white and sparkling wines; in each glass the wine must cover 1/3 of the glass, to allow to release the wine smells and rise comfortably. The foot of the cup prevents the fingers from touching the body.

Glass of red wine

The typical glasses of red wine have a large round bowl that allows faster airing of your drink. This allows you to take pure sips and not sips full of CO2, (I hope you remember the basic chemistry that CO2 is a general preservative for drinks).

The large round bowl also allows red wine to swirl easily. In addition, this type of glass has a long stalk that prevents your drink from getting unnecessarily hot. Keep in mind that as you hold your old glass, it literally heats, but the long stalk overcomes this challenge.

Red wine glasses are ideal for drinking red wines. Therefore, if you want to have an experience of drinking fresh until the last sip, the glass of red wine caught you!

White wine glass

The white wine glasses have a smaller opening / mouth area. As a result, the drink takes so long for next order. The glass was designed on purpose in this way to retain the lightest and most delicate notes that white wine contains.

White wine lovers know very well that it is the lightest and most delicate notes that make this brand unique. So, unless you drink it in a glass of white wine, you will not get the best of your precious white wine.

Glass flute

Speaking of the surface of the mouth, the glass flutes have even smaller. In fact, the name speaks for itself. The surface of the small mouth allows it to retain bubbles and prevent it from calming quickly.

Therefore, we recommend this type of glass for Champaign cocktails, since the small mouth and the thin bowl guarantee a long and fabulous experience of drinking “bubbly” drinks.

Cocktail glass

As the name implies, the cocktail glass is ideal for serving cocktail drinks, but not “pure fruit blends.” Typically, cocktail glasses have an inverted cone shape. They come in various sizes, from 3 to 6 ounces.

Cocktail glasses are designed taking into account the fact that traditional cocktails have an incredible smell. Therefore, this types of cocktail glasses wide surface of the mouth allows your nose to get close enough to the surface of the drink to absorb all the sweet smell as you take a sip.

Therefore, in case you want to be with real life, use this simple trick: always drink your cocktail in a cocktail glass.

Highball glass

These glasses are often shorter and wider. They are ideal for serving “tall” cocktails that are poured on ice. If you are a beginner in the world of drinking, “tall cocktail” simply means a mixture of alcoholic drinks and not “cocktail in tall bottles.”

Meanwhile, the breadth of the glass allows your nose to enjoy the sweet alcoholic aroma while your mouth benefits from the fantastic taste of the drink. So, always insist that your iced cocktail be served in a tall glass.

Low glass ball

Lowball glasses are also known as rock glasses or fashion glasses. They are simply short glasses with bases sold. They have a capacity of 6 to 8 glasses of liquor. They are ideal for alcoholic brands that require confusing ingredients.

These cups are usually very resistant, so you can comfortably drink your drink knowing that there are few or no cases of breakage.

Types of liquor glasses

types of drinking glasses

Margarita cup

This cup is special for preparing margaritas drinks, although it can also be used in other types of cocktails such as daiquiri. This cup is usually decorated on the edge with sugar, it is associated for female drinks.

Martini Cup

It is also known as cocktail glass, it is a more sophisticated glass that is used for cocktails without ice and that have a simple decoration. In the case of Martini, it is accompanied with an olive.

Hurricane Cup

This cup is usually used more in the summer, as it is the ideal cup for tropical cocktails. All fruit cocktails that use flashy decorations should use this glass.

Glass of champagne

The cup most commonly used for the toast is usually the flute cup, its diameter let the gas escape and prevents the aromas from concentrating; In addition, the shape of the cup allows it to be sustained without affecting the temperature of the drink.

Cognac Cup

This cup is wide, short and easy to grip, the main objective is to maintain the proper temperature of the drink, it can be brandy or brandy. The correct amount for this drink is 1/3, since they are strong drinks and should be served in smaller quantities.

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