Summer Dental Tips

Summer Dental Facts To Keep Teeth Healthy

The good weather is coming, and the holidays are just around the corner. And now … do you know what it means? SII! A lot of fun and disconnection. That moment we all have been

The good weather is coming, and the holidays are just around the corner. And now … do you know what it means? SII! A lot of fun and disconnection. That moment we all have been waiting for during the year. But there is something we do not follow frequently, and our routine habits are lost, if not completely, almost. This causes to worsen your health, and dental health is one of them. So today we want to give you some very useful summer dental facts to protect your teeth and gums, that even if you don’t believe it, they suffer a lot. Here we go for summer dental tips …

This interests you and even if you don’t want to pay close attention, we want to help you follow certain guidelines and be aware of the consequences of your dental health if you don’t contribute to the care of your teeth during these days off.

1. Dental tips for vacation

Right! Go to the dentist before going on vacation. As ​​preventing discomfort or uncomfortable surprises during these off days. It is advisable to go to our dentist to make a consultation, know that our oral health is correct or not. Follow the advice of dental care while traveling by the dentist & taking appropriate precautions for our case.

2. Dental Travel Tips: Don’t forget the toothbrush

It is logical, but in summer we do not usually be aware at home. Because we spend more time enjoying the good weather, traveling or from here to there. And that’s why most of us tend to forget the daily hygiene of the teeth. Daily brushing is equally important whether summer or winter. However during the holidays we have a more uncontrolled pace of life going to the beach, traveling and sightseeing then present life.

What do we get with it? If we take care of oral hygiene we can avoid gingivitis problems or tooth decay.

You have no excuses, a small toilet kit that does not take up a place and does not weigh is a must for these dates. You know, these dates make us less at home, so taking a solution for teeth care is easy and accessible with a portable brush always at hand.

3. Maintain a healthy diet

Do not forget that food is a determining factor when we want to maintain healthy and healthy teeth, so it is important that in summer we eat fruit and vegetables as we do during the rest of the year.

It is normal that in holidays we do not have so much control over what we eat and we end up eating foods with a lot of sugar such as ice cream, carbonated soft drinks and so on …

We emphasize drinking fruit juice and therefore we will not tire of saying that it is essential to drink it throughout the year. In addition there are seasonal fruits that are very good and tasty that help to refresh ourselves as well as provide us with nutritional benefits.

The fruit contains enough water, it helps us clean our teeth and not so much residue is deposited in the mouth as with other foods.

Some fruits of the June and July season can be: apricot, cherries, plums, melon, watermelon, figs or pears, among others …

Apple and grapes are especially beneficial for the care of your teeth.

4. Beware of swimming in the pools

Too much bathing is not good, and mostly in the pools since it contains chlorine and chemicals that negatively affect dental health. If you dive a lot it is even worse.

These chemicals harm our teeth and can cause stains on them. Pool water contains a higher PH than that of saliva, so it affects the breakdown of its proteins more quickly. This involves the deposit and small spots especially in the front of the teeth.

To avoid that we recommend brushing your teeth after fluoride bath regularly to avoid suffering these problems.

However, sea water is quite healthy since the salt it contains helps us to eliminate bacteria from the oral cavity.

5. Beware of the practice of certain sports

As we said that sea water is beneficial for the teeth, there are summer sports such as snorkeling or diving that negatively affect our dental health.


Water puts pressure on our jaws and teeth. This can end in a strong and prolonged pain that will get worse if we also suffer from some gum disease or any other problem such as tooth decay. It is necessary to solve this as soon as possible.

If we do any other type of sport such as contact: football or basketball … we must protect the teeth from falls and bumps with a mouth guard.

6. Summer dental tips: Drink lots of water

Hydration is always good, for everything. That also do the proper functioning of the organism for dental health. Especially in these months you should drink a lot of water, as we dehydrate faster than normal.

With the water we keep the gums cooler and it will help the correct production of saliva to maintain adequate conditions in the mouth to keep it healthy.

7. Take care of your lips

The lips are also part of our oral health, and therefore it is important to take care of the lips to avoid leaving wounds and herpes difficult to remove.

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