Summer Decorating Ideas Tips And Trends

Decoration For This Summer: Tips And Trends

With the coming solstice we say goodbye to spring and it’s time to think about decoration for this summer. This month we offer you the keys and trends in home decoration for this summer. Are

With the coming solstice we say goodbye to spring and it’s time to think about decoration for this summer. This month we offer you the keys and trends in home decoration for this summer. Are you going to miss it? Let’s go for it!

Temperatures rise and the days lengthen, summer has arrived and done to stay. That is why there is no better way to receive it than to have a good decoration for this summer. Let’s know the trends and tips to face this summer in the most elegant and comfortable way.

Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

The options are very diverse, but the one that is claimed as winner in full view of the Mediterranean decoration. As the name implies, this type of decoration evokes the style of the coastal populations of the Mediterranean Sea.

Print the fresh and comfortable air of the Greek islands to your home. To do this, it uses handmade decorative elements, prints, natural materials, aged or worn furniture and cotton fabrics, etc. Think of making yourself with artisan elements like some wicker basket or even a burlap rug. The use of cotton in cushions, blankets or even curtains will achieve that Mediterranean touch that we are looking for.

In any case, there are numerous decorative options, so if the Mediterranean does not convince you, do not despair. We give you the keys to achieve the distinctive touch you are looking for.

Long live the color

While it is true that light colors and whitish hues monopolize summer decoration, summer calls for bright and lively colors. Soft shades are visibly more relaxed and fresh than darker ones, but without a touch of color it can be boring.

Pink ranges such as stick pink, soft powdered pink or pastel can brighten up the color palette of your home. The combination that is emerging as a decoration winner for this summer is that of the trio formed by yellow, blue and green. Refreshing and natural colors closely linked to summer; sun, vegetation, water, etc.

If you continue with the idea of ​​Mediterranean decoration, you cannot do without the combination of white with blues of all kinds, especially turquoise, light blue or even indigo. This combination evokes the unmistakable landscapes of the Greek coastal houses.

Decoration tips for this summer

Best Summer Decorating Ideas Tips And Trends

Manage your space

With the arrival of heat it is essential to achieve free spaces that give us peace of mind and a sense of mobility. In addition, creating open spaces in our rooms will achieve better ventilation and freshness in the home.

Store the heaviest and most spectacular furniture for colder seasons get rid of heavy fabrics and very dark colors that inevitably evoke autumn and winter.

Fabrics and textures

As we have already mentioned, it is convenient that you get rid of the heaviest and darkest tissues. These not only evoke cooler and darker seasons, but they better capture the heat of sunlight. Light fabrics will better reflect light and capture less heat, just what we need in a hot summer.

As for the carpets, it will be better to store the thickest or long-haired ones. Get some natural fibers such as cotton or linen to bring freshness to any room.

As for the texture of these fabrics, you can try striped mosaics, plant elements or blue and white zigzag watermarks. Fabrics such as carpets and cushions are a good resource to incorporate such motifs and textures. Do not discard using floral or botanical patterns on textiles or wallpaper.


Nothing brings more freshness to a room than plants. Their endless range of colors together with the oxygen they supply will make your home a verge. In addition, if you buy some pots with original shapes or bright and bright colors, the effect will be enhanced.


Obviously we cannot do without the vast majority of our usual furniture. However, summer is an ideal time to make wicker furniture, rattan or other fibers.

Table or hanging lamps made of rattan and wood will bring a bohemian and summery point to our home. Also interesting are the wicker tables and chairs for gardens or for interior stays.


As summer, what must prevail in our decoration is comfort, freshness and the feeling of space. Thanks to these tips you can cope with the heat without giving up the style of your home.

We hope that our article has served to encourage you to give the necessary touch to the decoration for this summer. In any case, if you still have doubts, we are waiting to help you.

We wait for you in the next article. Enjoy the summer!

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