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10 Professional Kitchen Tools That You Must Have in Your Kitchen …

Recently, the kitchen becomes a fashion profession in a few years. The arrival on television of programs like MasterChef or Top Chef have influenced much in this field. To be a great cook, the most

Recently, the kitchen becomes a fashion profession in a few years. The arrival on television of programs like MasterChef or Top Chef have influenced much in this field. To be a great cook, the most important thing is that you like to work between stoves, and especially have a hand when preparing any dishes. I have to admit that I like the kitchen. But I lack the side to give that special touch to the elaborations that I do to my family, and I guess it will be a matter of time. Starting to cook is easy, and you do not need to have many appliances for it, but if you need some essential kitchen tools if you want to carry out any recipe.

Popular Kitchen Tools

Let’s review some professional kitchen tools that everyone wants to become a chef should always have on hand.

Knives, the leading professional kitchen utensils

If in doubt, knives are the primary tool of every good cook. It is essential that you have a set of high-quality knives. As much as you can consider that anything is worth, in the long run, you will realize that it is not so. These should always be as sharp as possible. As it has always been said that when a knife is not sharpened, there is a risk that we can cut ourselves.

Cutting board

There are many conventional kitchen products, but very useful. In this list, the cutting board is a necessary tool when preparing any recipe. The most common are made of wood, but we can also find them in plastic created for the kitchen. It is usually used to cut the vegetables or to chop the meat or clean the fish. It is every day one utensil in our kitchens.


If you are looking for professional kitchen tools when it comes to preparing any dessert, then you can never miss a set of meters. Measures are significant when preparing a recipe and adding a little more of a product, which you want to make different taste. Measuring cups and spoons are essential in our kitchens. By the way, if you are looking for ideas to prepare rich desserts, find out that you can make the desserts with wine.


Inside the frying pan, we can find a variety of types, but the most important thing is that the food does not stick. Teflon is a right choice, although there are rumors that this product could favor the onset of cancer. They can be used for both frying and grilling.

Blender and mincer

Among professional kitchen utensils, and more specifically referring to appliances, having a blender and chopper is very necessary. There are times when you have to make mixtures that would be impossible at hand, for example, to make mayonnaise. In these cases, to suffer if we can make use of appliances. Do not be silly and use them whenever you can.

Casserole and saucepans

If the frying pots were outstanding, the pots where we can prepare those stews that our mothers and grandmothers have taught us. We must have different sizes, casserole and saucepans to use depending on the type of dish that we are going to prepare.


With this, you can make the food mixtures that are part of our dishes. I have to admit that sometimes I use a saucepan, but it is not recommended. In these cases, a bowl is the most comfortable. We can find them of different sizes and types. We should only choose the one we like the most.

Silicone spatulas

To enjoy more durable pans, it is essential to have this type of utensils to avoid scratching and remove the nonstick glass. You can also use wooden spoons, but this silicone is more hygienic.

Drainers and Strainers

When cooking any food, especially pasta, the best way to remove all water without falling food to the sink is to use a wringer. Do not try to use the lid for it. On the other hand, we have the Strainers, although they seem to be not used, always comes well to refine a sauce that we have prepared.

What other professional kitchen tools do you miss in this list that we have left you? If you think that we should add another, we encourage you to share with us all your ideas. We are waiting for you!

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