best Pregnancy Pillow Really Helpful

Are Pregnancy Pillow Really Helpful or Waste of Money?

It is not secret that sleeping well during pregnancy can be very difficult, especially if you are in the third trimester. And of course, the belly becomes huge, hormones make you feel hot even in

It is not secret that sleeping well during pregnancy can be very difficult, especially if you are in the third trimester. And of course, the belly becomes huge, hormones make you feel hot even in winter and you have few options for sleeping positions. I don’t want to overwhelm you, but if it’s hard to sleep now … when the baby arrives your sleep could less. Therefore, it is IMPORTANT to rest while you can and enjoy the last days of your pregnancy. In order to sleep better, many women choose to buy a pillow for pregnant women and have not wondered if they are really useful. Do you also want to know?

What happens in the third trimester with your back?

The tension in our back is much higher when we are pregnant and this drastically alters our center of gravity. No wonder our posture is affected during pregnancy in an effort to keep us in balance.

During the day, the challenge of carrying the weight of pregnancy can be counteracted with belts that support the weight of our grown bellies (we will talk about this in a next post). But … how do we allow our back to rest in an anatomically normal position, relieving joint stress and pressure on the lumbar and pelvic nerves (sacral nerves)?

Can the pillows help us?

The best pregnant pillow that supports our entire body can be extremely comforting when we arrive at night exhausted from enduring all the weighing during pregnancy. Sometimes we feel a lot of pain in the lower back. Almost all of us work until the last day of pregnancy to have more leave days. Also, if you have a multiple pregnancy or a pre-existing back pain problem, the benefits can be really amazing.

The pregnancy pillows can make a difference when it comes to comfort and to achieve an effective restoration of sleep to cope with daily activities. These pillows are so comfortable that even non-pregnant men and women find them repairing after a long day.

The advantages of using best pregnancy pillows are many. These pillows can be used even after pregnancy for comfort. People suffering from neck pain and back pain can sleep without discomfort with the help of these pillows. People who have sleep disorders can also try using these pillows to enjoy a good night’s rest.

One of the things that I liked about my pillow was that it could easily adapt to the position I adopted when sleeping. In addition I could also use it to watch television, talk with relatives on my cell phone, write on my laptop or just relax at home reading my parenting books.

The main advantage that I found in using pillow during pregnancy is that one can sleep in a fetal position without bothering neck and without feeling that belly was crushing in bed.

Tips to take advantage of your pillow

Sleep as a thief, especially on the left side, but you can alternate one side with the other whenever you want.

Place your pillow located between the legs at the height of your knees. This will be of great help and you will notice the difference, if your pregnant pillow is long like the one in the photo you no longer need to add an extra pillow.

DO NOT eat very caloric or heavy foods close to bedtime but this could cause you to not fall asleep.

Finally do not drink a lot of water before bedtime but this will make you wake up more frequently during the night and once you wake up some women have difficulty falling asleep again.

What “nocturnal” problems can hinder a good sleep during the third trimester?

  • Leg cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Snoring
  • Back pain
  • Itchy belly
  • Acidity
  • Movements of your baby (especially at night)

How to choose a best pillow?

Selecting the right pillow according to your needs can help you manage those sleep-related discomforts during pregnancy and long-term health problems due to poor posture. Currently, in the market we find many types of pillows, all different from the material they use to make them and the shape they have.

Therefore follow these recommendations:

1. The pillow must be filled with a hypoallergenic material

2. Lined with 100% pima cotton fabric

3. It should not deform with use

4. Fabric dyes should be eco-solvent and take care not only your skin but the planet.


Most of my patients use the popular brand, all agree that they sleep pleasantly and that the materials are quite soft with their skin. Then when I went to see them in the postpartum I found many of them using the worm pillow as a breastfeeding pillow which seemed to me like a hit. As a breastfeeding counselor and mom so recommend it.

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