Plant Grass And Mow The Lawn

Best Time To Plant Grass And Mow The Lawn Correctly

It is essential to know the plant or grow new grass seeds in right time. As it will not grow in the same way of all season. If it is not done, then it will

It is essential to know the plant or grow new grass seeds in right time. As it will not grow in the same way of all season. If it is not done, then it will be more difficult to plant. So, this aspect is important because, apart from the time and money you would be looser. It is your land that will suffer the consequences and you should value it, care it.

According to experts, the best time to plant grass in your garden is immediately after summer, undoubtedly. More precisely when autumn begins. It is the perfect time when temperatures begin to decrease; it is not too hot and the seeds can sprout. For this way of planting, after winter, when spring begins it would also be perfect to start growing grass on the grounds of your home. However, in winter and spring it is recommended not to plant seeds. As the seasons has the most extreme temperatures are recorded throughout the year and this hampers their sprout & growth.

Furthermore, if you are really interested in showing off the garden, you should take into account especially the following factors before planting seeds:

Know the PH; it shouldn’t be too low or too high.

Vegetable land; It is important to know the minimum layer of topsoil that should be added to your lawn. Requirement for this purpose is 10 cm thick.

Soil drainage; not too many inline lakes form with fungi.

When to mow the lawn

As for mowing, it is recommended that it is just like planting seeds. It cannot be done in the same way at each time of the year. It usually grows much more after the spring season, when summer comes. This is the good time that the mower should be used more frequently. In addition, the grass also suffers due to high temperatures and that is why it is convenient to follow a special procedure.

It is also important to know the type of landscape and the exact time you planted seeds for the first time. In the case that if it was recently, it should be trimmed with scissors to avoid damaging the root, regardless of the month of the year in which we are. However, if it is summer it is recommended to cut it every week and adjust the mower size for a more optimal result. For its part, in winter it is recommended not to cut it too much, because the weather conditions change and your landscape should get used to these low temperatures.

Regarding the hours of the day, you can do it at any time but it should be cut in the afternoon to make it much more effective, if necessary, trim it the next day in the morning.

In conclusion, grass seeds cannot be grown at any time of the year, and not all soils require the use of the lawn mower in the same way. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that several factors influence such as weather conditions and that not all lands are equal. Anyway, both for planting and cutting grass, we must be aware that our soil needs special care and cannot be done without having a basic knowledge of gardening.

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