Health Benefits of Being Outside as Mountain Therapy

6 Health Benefits of Being Outside as Mountain Therapy

Air should be the new pills, medications and syrups. And, there is no doubt that the outdoors is one of the best therapies / medicines that our body can receive. It is not new that

Air should be the new pills, medications and syrups. And, there is no doubt that the outdoors is one of the best therapies / medicines that our body can receive.

It is not new that the outdoors brings many benefits to the body. Some of groups organized expeditions for years to enjoy these psychological benefits offered by a simple walk in the mountains. It has been demonstrated by several studies that ‘mountain therapy’ decreases dependencies, depressions and medication use. It is not new to leave home, escape for a few days, rejuvenate yourself in outdoors and return as new. However, although it is not a first, it is not something we should forget either.

Studies put us on notice: therapy in the mountains, is a viable option to combat ailments, depressions, post-traumatic stress disorders and even for dementia and brain injuries. They claim that it has the same efficacy as a medicine. The novelty of this study is that valuable arguments have been provided for the medical community.

Mountain therapy as a medical alternative

“Most people feel stronger and healthier after a dose of the outdoors,” says Dacher Keltner (a psychologist at the University of California). It is not a sensation. You never feel better for having separated from others. People feel better because many of the natural plants surrounded that stimulated certain hormones. Which cause decrease stress levels and cytokine inflammations (those responsible for heart disease, diabetes or depression). Although other factors also influence that feeling of “feeling good”, as we will see now.

1. Going to the mountain helps to see life with positivity.

A recent study showed that spending time in nature positively affects not overwhelming us. Just as hiking helps reduce negative and obsessive thoughts.

In the study they compared the attitude of two groups: those who walked 90 minutes through the city and those who walked 90 through a natural environment. And the results were clear. Those who made a route through the mountain reported less level of rumination – recurring and obsessive thoughts that make us uneasy – as well as reduced the neuronal activity of the prefrontal cortex – that associated with mental illness.

We have to take into account that today most of the spaces are urbanized and that urbanized environment is increasingly connected with depression and other mental illnesses. We are continually full of distractions and a stressful pace of life. Therefore, reducing these distractions are an advantage for mental health.

2. Therapy in the mountains promotes the ability to solve problems

Creatively solving problems can be improved if you disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. This can be seen in a study by Ruth Ann Atchely and David L. Strayer.

The conclusions of the study say that technology, and the noise of urban areas, make us constantly attentive to sounds or visual elements that are not important and that disrupts our cognitive functions. Therefore, enjoying in a rural environment will help reduce mental fatigue and think more creatively. Even to solve everyday problems differently.

3. Pure air decontaminates the lungs

It is not only that the air is pure and is not contaminated by pollution, it is that breathing clean air is a source of detoxification of all the city’s gases.

4. Get rid of bad psychological habits

According to scientists, mountaineering can achieve psychological changes such as the elimination of narcissistic needs or the discharge of aggression. It also achieves a better social integration and feel in our body lost sensations such as: feelings of how much we were children.

5. The sun will lower your body’s blood pressure

Some recent studies state that exposure to ultraviolet rays causes blood pressure to decrease – in healthy individuals. Something essential today if we have the percentage of cardiovascular problems that the population has.

6. The mountain makes you live more slowly

No need to hurry. The route will continue there, the trees too and the moss and the smell of vegetation. So walking on the mountain will make you feel that you are not in a hurry, that you can live slowly and enjoy the landscape, colors, textures …

Many people talk about the mountain as therapy. It is something that has been developing, experimenting and studying for years. That is why it is important to enhance it. Visiting cities and knowing cultures is important. But discovering trails, landscapes, lakes, animals and vegetation is something that our body needs to feel good. As we have seen, it is not only necessary for the fact of disconnecting – but also – that is why it gives our bodies the air and the plants that surround us.

We can only add that if you have not yet tried the benefits that the outdoors can bring you, it is time. It is time to feel good.

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