Handmade DIY Lighting Ideas You Can Create

Awesome Handmade Decorative Lamps Ideas

Imagine the amount of things with which you can create and give your house a special quality with a few points of light. You just need a little imagination to make these characteristic lamps. Many

Imagine the amount of things with which you can create and give your house a special quality with a few points of light. You just need a little imagination to make these characteristic lamps.

Many times we are wrong to think that any element of light serves to illuminate a room completely. When we talk about decorative lamps, it is simply that, a point or set of lights that gives warmth to a corner, sometimes staining it with a special color or flowering, depending on what we have chosen.

There are a lot of great ideas to make handmade lamps, these arise as a result of different design trends, both industrial and interior, these elements provide diverse atmospheres, much depends on the material with which they are made, sometimes they can be recycled ingredients, there are homemade lamps that are made with soda cans and other materials such as plastic bottles, there are even solar lamps with water bottles, an example of this is the Moser lamp, which is charged during the sun and illuminated by the night.

It should consider that the material should not be flammable since heat can burn it, some lamps are made with objects that do not touch the spotlight and are only placed near the socket, completely bizarre and strange elements can be used. Which serve To create a creative, artistic and original environment, many decorative ideas are being used in many restaurants, cafes and businesses, where handmade lamps and wall coverings or paintings on walls or ceilings stand out, below are some of the ideas most unique in handmade lamps.

Here we leave you some very easy lamps to make to create in your house that special and romantic place, sometimes playing with the shadows that are projected and lights that filter. Which will not take you long to complete.

Packaged lights

These especially seem to me to be an elaboration with a lot of romantic load, since by the light chosen and in packaging, it resembles having a firefly in a glass jar. What can be used for a special dinner or a child’s room and avoid being afraid.

To make it you just need a somewhat vintage glass jar. These can be those of glass yogurts or simulating these ancients, provided they have a cover or minimum finding one that serves them. In it with the help of a drill we will introduce the cable, to be able to be transparent or white, since the black hardens it a lot.

Once through the lid we put on a helmet and just skip putting a small bulb. We close and we have our lamp. The position is usually hung from the ceiling or to hang.

String lamp

It is a design taken from a lamp called Akaba, which anyone can actually do. I just need a rice ball or balloon, the round ones. Normally they are created from a sphere of about 23 cm, so with 10 meters of this esparto cord & it will be enough.

Although you have to bundle this rope along the entire surface of the sphere, you must try to leave two circumferences without tracing, one above and one below, to manipulate the cable and the bulb.

We begin to wind the rope and the second round we begin to wet it in white tail, so that it sticks on itself. It doesn’t matter if it gets stained because it then becomes transparent. In addition we can at the end with a brush give a bath of glue and mixed water, which will harden the structure more and give it shine.

Once it dries and hardens, we will only have to prick the ball and take it out when it has lost all the air through one of the open circles. Now it will be necessary to put the wiring, socket and a low-energy bulb.

These types of works are just a sample of the great diversity that exists in the creation of handmade lamps, these products fit in the category of crafts and homemade ornaments for home, they stand out for their simplicity, they can be easily done, Remember that when you place them the light power switch must be down.

In next article you can see more designs of handmade lamps, which stand out for the essence of the material used, there are ideas with tires, glasses, kitchen utensils such as scratchers, these types of lamps are great for the kitchen, even You can use a pan just enough to make an eye in the center and place a good support on it, make your own designs, you will see that the decoration of your spaces becomes something exclusive and this feeling is transformed into comfort.

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