Brilliant Creative Ways To Decor With An Empty Glass Jars

Bottles, jars and other glass objects that normally end up in the trash. These type of material you can use in many different projects. Projects to decorate your home or that can help you organize

Bottles, jars and other glass objects that normally end up in the trash. These type of material you can use in many different projects.

Projects to decorate your home or that can help you organize different objects in your home. Do not miss these ideas that will give new use to those jars or glass bottles. At the same time doing this you can reduce waste in your community.

Many of the products you buy in the market come in glass jars. Once you spend or empty the content, maybe you don’t have a recycling container nearby and you don’t know what to do with the jar, and it ends up in the trash. So, would you like to give them a second life?

It is time to start reusing those boats in beautiful and practical manual projects. Look how can you do it.

Ideas to reuse glass jars.

A set for the bathroom.

Look for three bottles of different sizes and design. You can choose a narrow mouth bottle, a round jar and a smaller one. Draw a wavy line on each of them.

Try to make each line different. Finally paint the line down with a bright color and the line up with a matte color. Be sure to paint all three of the same colors to make them a game to put the bathroom stuff.

Pencil holders.

Choose a small glass jar, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t have a lid, since you won’t need it. Clean it and dry it very well. Choose a theme, you can paint the face of an animal, a happy face or whatever you can think of.

Paint the bottle inside, then wait for it to dry and draw eyes, mouth or paint with a marker. Ready to start placing your pencils.

Decorative jars with marbles.

Another great idea. Choose two bottles of different sizes and select the marbles that most attract your attention. You will need a glue gun and a pair of silicone bars.

Start gluing the marbles from the top of the jar to fill its entire surface. Let dry and as a result you will get two very flirty jars to store objects.

Handkerchief dispenser.

With this idea you will not only reuse the glass jar. You will also get a very original tissue dispenser. Choose a tall jar with a metal lid preferably.

Place a cross-shaped piece of cardboard in the center of the jar. Then put the tissues in each of the sections left by the cardboard.

Make a groove to the lid and let the tip of a handkerchief out so it can be pulled out and removed when necessary.

Decorated glasses

You will love this idea. It is simple but very innovative. Look for several glass jars of the same size and metal lid. Make a hole in the lid where you can insert a small cane. But make sure it’s right in the center of the lid.

Next, paint the tops with bright colors, you can make the design you want. If you want to make a set of glasses, paint all the covers of the same color and design. If you are looking for something more fun make a design in bright colors for each bottle.

Christmas scene

With a glass jar and a little imagination you can make a Christmas ornament of the most original. You won’t need much time to do it, but it’s a lot of fun. You can do many with different Christmas motifs.


Plants such as cacti or some succulents are suitable for planting in these types of containers, so you know, if you find a pretty glass jar, it can be home for some variety of cacti.

A beautiful recycled lamp.

It can be done with as many jars as you want or have. Designer Marinov Iskren has created a suspension lamp that looks great with a very vintage industrial environment, using recycled objects. Made with a single table and four glass jars, this lamp can transform any boring interior into a cool place of original lighting!

Glass bottle as auto watering.

This low-cost and simple trick really helps to keep my garden green, especially when the heat squeezes or when I can’t tend the plants by myself in a period of time. It is very good for houseplants too.

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