Ways to Choose a Right Puppy For You

6 Ways to Choose a Right Puppy For You

The time has come to choose your puppy! It is a very beautiful and exciting moment but if you just let yourself be guided by your emotions, you run the risk of making a wrong

The time has come to choose your puppy! It is a very beautiful and exciting moment but if you just let yourself be guided by your emotions, you run the risk of making a wrong decision. To avoid surprises, our dog trainer recommends that we consider the following aspects when choosing a good puppy.

Use these techniques to choose a good puppy:

How to Choose a Right Puppy For You

1. The place

Where to buy: To choose a good puppy, the best place is a private or very small hatchery. The individual and the small kennel have very few litters (two or 3 litters a year) and have enough time to take care of the puppies. They are also very excited to have the puppies at home. In general they have the puppies in the dining room or in the kitchen. It is a perfect place for the puppy to start living a companion dog life and develop in a correct way. Finally, your puppy will be cheaper.

Where not to buy: Stores, large farms and protective are the worst places to go looking for a puppy. These sites do not allow the puppy to develop its brain in a correct way. They have many litters and the staff cannot devote the necessary time to the puppies. In general, they have them in a secluded place and too quiet for the puppy to get used to the noise and a changing environment. In the kennels the environment is very noisy and the staff does not have time to take care of the particular puppy

2. The breeder

Employees: It is very important that the people who care for the puppies are affectionate and attentive to the puppies.

Facilities: They should be clean and the puppies in a clean place. Ask for a tour of the facilities to avoid hiding areas that are not well maintained. A place neither too loud nor too quiet for the puppy to get used to the noise.

3. The parents

It is essential to see at least one of the puppy parents. If you can only see one, the ideal would be to see the mother since she is the one who takes care of the puppies. Parents have to be sociable with people and other dogs. In other words, they have to approach and relate with confidence to us. To check, I recommend you bring the parents and observe their reaction.

4. The litter

In the litter there must be at least two puppies so that the puppy can interact with another individual besides his mother. It is also not good for the litter to be too big since the mother has more difficulty taking care of everyone. From 10 puppies it is considered a large litter although it also depends on the mother’s experience (if it is her first litter or if she has had several).

5. Behavior

Sociability: The puppy has to be trusted with people and other animals. Observe the way he relates to us. You must approach with confidence, have no doubts or run away. Bring a dog and watch how he reacts.

Activity: It is important to confirm that you are active, awake and curious to explore your surroundings and integrate well into litter games. You have to observe the puppy when playing with his brothers. Do not choose a puppy that is left alone in a corner or that does not relate well when playing with others.

6. Health

Eyes: Some puppies may have vision problems or blindness. To confirm that this is not the case, the best way is to observe the puppy, verify that it does not collide with things in its path and watch it moves around it.

Teeth: You must have all your teeth out since when you take it home you must be able to eat dry croquettes

Hair: Clean and clean looking

Ears: You must verify that you do not have deafness. Make small noises with your hands or fingers near your ears to make sure it reacts.

Movements: Look at your way of moving and make sure you don’t go lame.

Physical: The puppy must have a normal condition. You should not be too thin, obese or have a belly that is too large.

Breathing: A good puppy should breathe normally, without any difficulty.

Hygiene: Verify that both the puppy and its siblings have good hygiene. Do not buy the puppy if you see marks of excrement under the tail, mucus in the nostrils or possible diseases.


A dog lives between 10 and 15 years, so make sure you choose a good puppy. Following these tips you will make sure to take home a balanced puppy with good physical health to start a beautiful and interesting relationship with your puppy.

I hope I clarified how to choose a puppy. Finally, we recommend you make sure you choose the breed that suits you.

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